Laboratory Testing

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Specialist Geotech

With over 90 cell positions we offer a rapid UKAS accredited testing service for effective stress and triaxial permeability testing

Terra Tek offer multistage and single stage drained and undrained effective stress testing on 38mm, 75mm and 100mm diameter specimens to assess slope stability of soils.  We also perform triaxial permeability testing to determine the coefficient of permeability of clay liners in landfill sites as well as the permeability of cement/bentonite slurry walls for piling contractors.

Terra Tek has over 90 test positions available within our three UKAS accredited laboratories in the UK.

This enables us to perform over 90 tests in as little as 3 weeks – the time it normally takes to complete one effective stress or triaxial permeability test.

As one of the largest facilities in the UK this gives our clients the advantage of completing very large contracts within a very short timescale. We can also issue results in AGS format by email or on CD.

As well as a large capacity for effective stress and permeability testing we also offer a large and small shear box testing service. Terra Tek also has facilities to perform rowe cell consolidation and ring shear testing.

Large Shearbox (300mm)

Our three large shearbox machines enable us to provide a rapid turnaround for granular materials whilst simultaneously performing tests on cohesive soils, which can take much longer to complete.

As well as testing soils and aggregates, we have considerable experience in testing soil/geotextile interfaces.

UKAS accreditation is held for shear box and large-scale horizontal permeability for testing granular materials.

Small Shear box (100mm & 60mm)

As a group we have a total of twelve 60mm and 100mm shearbox machines.
This gives us the flexibility to perform testing on granular and cohesive materials simultaneously.

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