Laboratory Testing

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Routine Geotech

We offer a comprehensive UKAS accredited testing service for a wide range of routine geotechnical tests

Terra Tek has the capacity to undertake large scale geotechnical testing projects. Geotechnical testing includes the following:

Moisture Content Liquid & Plastic Limits
Particle Density Particle Size Distribution
Maximum/Minimum Density Moisture Condition Value
One-dimensional Consolidation Swelling & Collapse Characteristics
Unconsolidated Triaxial Tests California Bearing Ratio
Wet and Dry Density Durability
Dry Density/Moisture Content Relationship Dispersibility

Terra Tek is one of the few laboratories in the UK that are accredited for Dispersibility using the pinhole method.

As well as a large capacity for material classification, compaction-related, compressibility and durability testing, we also offer the following advanced tests:

  • Effective stress and Triaxial Permeability Testing (92 cells available)
  • Large (300mm square) and Small (60 & 100mm square) Shear Box Testing
  • Large Box Permeameter testing (300 x 300 x 1000mm)
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength and Point load Index of rock core