New TOC (Total Organic Carbon) analyser for soils and solids

Monday, October 30th, 2017

Terra Tek have now developed and validated a new TOC (Total Organic Carbon) soils / solids add-on to our existing combustion analyzer. This state of the art instrument uses combustion technology coupled with a Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) detector to test for both TOC in Solid matrices and DOC (Dissolved Organic Carbon) in leachates, ground, surface and drinking waters.TOC SOIL

TOC in soil / solids and DOC in leachate are a requirement of the Waste Acceptance Criteria for disposal into landfill sites. This WAC test is commonly requested by construction and demolition companies having large quantities of building materials to dispose of, and / or Environmental consultants who wish to remove contaminated land.

Having the new combined TOC and DOC analyzer on board has increased our capacity to further reduce turn-a-round times for WAC analysis testing suites.

Please contact our chemistry department at Terra Tek Birmingham should you wish to take advantage of our rapid WAC testing service.

Email: or Tel: + (0) 121 344 4838

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